Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Randy Parsons: American Luthier


The Film:

'Randy Parsons: American Luthier' is an Emmy-nominated documentary short film by David Aldrich.

'American Luthier' focuses on Randy Parsons’ transformation from aspiring musician to guitar-maker. The guitar had been Parsons’ identity since he was a child, but after studying classical and jazz guitar in college, he realized that he would never make a living as a musician. So he gave it up — he didn’t even own a guitar in his mid-twenties — and then one day he had a vision of how the guitar would come back into his life. Now he’s creating instruments that are highly sought after works of art for clients like Jack White, Jimmy Page and Joe Perry.

This is a film about someone who gave up their passion for playing guitars and discovered that they had a passion for making guitars. Parsons’ success is a testament to doing what we love in life and work, even if it requires taking a second look at your dreams, and finding a different way to be a rock star.

About the Director:

David Aldrich is an award winning independent filmmaker and new media producer who was inspired to make 'Randy Parsons: American Luthier' in 2010 after watching Davis Guggenheim’s documentary, "It Might Get Loud." In a few scenes of the film, Jack White referred to his luthier in Seattle. That luthier was Randy Parsons, whose shop was less than a mile away from David’s home. David dropped by and said, “I’d like to make documentary short about you.” Parsons agreed, and filming began in January, 2011.

  • COMPLETION DATE: August, 2011
  • RUNNING TIME: 8:16 min
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • ASPECT RATIO: 16:9
  • EXHIBITION FORMATS: Blu-Ray Region 0, DVD Region 0, .MOV
  • SOUND: Stereo

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